The website employs various clickbait techniques in an attempt to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services or redirecting them to other questionable pages. It should be noted that this particular tactic pattern has been extremely popular among unscrupulous people who have been churning out deceptive page after deceptive page with virtually identical behavior.

When users land on one of these websites, they would be presented with various misleading messages. The exact text of the messages depends on the particular tactic scenario that the site is running., for example, pretends that it is conducting a CAPTCHA check. The page shows an image of a robot next to a variation of:

'Click Allow if you are not a robot'

Other hoax pages could try to imply that a file is now ready to download or a video will become accessible. All that users have to do is click that same Allow button. Naturally, what the button does has nothing to do with the stated actions. It will subscribe the users to the push notification of the site and thus allowing the dubious page to begin delivering unwanted advertisements through the affected browser.

Besides the sheer annoyance of the advertising materials overlaying the legitimate sites you might be trying to visit, you also should be aware that engaging with them could expose you to additional risks. The advertisements might redirect to more dangerous pages spreading adware, browser hijackers, or other PUPs. You may also be taken to phishing pages that harvest all entered information and make it accessible to third parties.

If you have fallen for the tricks of do not despair. Dealing with the site alone is not that difficult. All that you need to do is revoke its permissions via the corresponding menu of your browser's settings.