Matrix-SDEN Ransomware

Matrix-SDEN Ransomware Description

The Matrix-SDEN Ransomware, or SDEN Ransomware, is a dangerous file-locker that has the ability to impair the majority of your files, and then extort you for money by promising to provide you with a tool that can restore your files back to normal. As you can probably guess, trusting cybercriminals to help you with the recovery of your files is not a bright idea, since it would not be a surprise if they decide to stay true to their shady practices and scam you out of your money. You should consider co-operating with cybercriminals a last resort in case no alternative solutions work out for you.

The Matrix-SDEN Ransomware may be dropped via bogus email attachments that users might be tricked into opening by using basic social engineering tricks and techniques. If the malicious file ends up on a computer without a reputable antivirus program to stop it, it might immediately set off the Matrix-SDEN Ransomware’s attack and lead to the encryption of the user’s data. This ransomware encrypts documents, videos, images, archives, databases, contact files, and numerous other file formats to ensure that it will cause as much damage as possible. All files that the Matrix-SDEN Ransomware locks may experience a minor change to their name since the file-locker will mark them with the ‘.SDEN’ extension. So, for example, a file named ‘image.png’ would be called ‘image.png.SDEN’ when it is encrypted.

The Matrix-SDEN Ransomware also delivers a ransom note called ‘!SDEN_INFO!.rtf.’ It shows that the attackers use the email for contact – the same address was used in a similar Matrix Ransomware variant dubbed ‘ Matrix-MDEN Ransomware.’ As mentioned above, contacting the attackers is out of the question and you should look into alternative and trustworthy file recovery options.

So far, the only surefire way to get your files back after the Matrix-SDEN Ransomware’s attack is to restore them from a recent data backup. If you do not own a backup copy of your files, then you can look into the services offered by professional data recovery software – however, keep in mind that these software suites might not always deliver satisfying results.

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