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Maps Driving Directions Description

The Maps Driving Directions software from mapsdrivingdirections[.]org is packed as a browser extension for Web surfers that use a Chromium-based Internet client. The extension from mapsdrivingdirections[.]org can be added for free to Internet clients like Google Chrome, Torch Browser, Yandex Browser and SRWare Iron. You can install Maps Driving Directions from h[tt]ps://[.]com/webstore/detail/maps-driving-directions/gpaebanaopabfhbdkinadojffejjafpl. The Maps Driving Directions extension comes from a company called Polarity Technologies Ltd. that is known to produce ad-supported programs and befit from sponsored search results via custom Yahoo search services.

The Maps Driving Directions extension is designed to change the user's new tab to h[tt]p:// and add a custom search functionality to the Omnbibox. The Maps Driving Directions New Tab includes links to online stores like Amazon and Walmart, as well as links to services like Gmail, Facebook, Google Maps and The Maps Driving Directions extension appears to be a clone of the MapsNT Extension and the Go Maps Chrome Extension published by Polarity in 2017. functions as a redirect-gateway to a custom search on:

h[tt]ps://[.]com/yhs/search?hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbyhp&p=[search terms]¶m2=d5191b3f-d931-426f-b942-05147e5ff471¶m3=maps_~EN~¶m4=~Chrome~[search terms]~D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E¶m1=17700101&type=

The Maps Driving Directions extension is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that delivers driving directions via redirects to Google Maps and sponsored search results via Yahoo. The Maps Driving Directions does not allow users to change the search engine that powers the Maps Driving Directions New Tab. PC users can find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the Maps Driving Directions at mapsdrivingdirections[.]org/privacy and mapsdrivingdirections[.]org/terms. If you don't appreciate the redirects caused by Maps Driving Directions and the Yahoo search integration, you can remove the extension and related tracking Web beacons with the help of a credible anti-spyware scanner.

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