Malware.Generic Description

Type: Malware

Malware.Generic is a malware infection, which can access the corrupted PC system surreptitiously via social networks, doubtful websites, freeware, shareware, spam messages and other. Malware.Generic can damage your machine by infecting your computer system and stealing your personal and financial information. Malware.Generic name covers various types of malicious files that contain Trojans, keyloggers, rogues, worms, backdoors, adware and other that may disguise themselves behind legitimate-looking file names. If your PC has been affected by Malware.Generic, it will show irritating advertisements or pop-up alerts. Malware.Generic can also install other unsafe programs or files. Remove Malware.Generic as soon as possible.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Antiy-AVL VCS/Environment.DigitalFN
Fortinet W32/BHO.AQ!tr
Ikarus Trojan.BHO
AhnLab-V3 Dropper/Bho.221184
Microsoft TrojanDownloader:Win32/Regonid.A
Antiy-AVL Trojan/win32.agent.gen
Sophos Mal/BHO-AY
BitDefender Trojan.Generic.5408453
Kaspersky HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic
eSafe Win32.TRBHO.Dl
McAfee Generic.dx!vpv
ClamAV Win.Trojan.Agent-68510
Comodo TrojWare.Win32.TrojanDownloader.Swizzor.Gen
Fortinet Riskware/Ardamax

Technical Information

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File System Details

Malware.Generic creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 svhost.exe 6a93a4071cc7c22628af40a4d872f49b 8,030
2 httpsec.sys da2411237a40b8cfc775fc25d7463a60 295
3 radprlib.dll 52c6d734c288a026f2b19ce6bbefa302 230
4 radhslib.dll 54fc6b247afa41b7a4b24bca0d911d40 182
5 29047.vbs 8fe045b691b57fc986f1057f6bd14918 9
6 naofsvc.exe fbcc9603f753672fa4317ad840ea6109 4
7 radprcmp.exe 4932be5378ceaae3e63e8ebe1ad2c855 2
8 naomf.exe 18984923f4e4dfc67ff954e6a68b0aaa 2
9 svchost.exe d306de53ce9a97060e4f686566c40bc6 2
10 SMcoc.exe b7114bd26cadc3c9db1fe918165cfbe8 1
11 main.exe N/A
12 EsetFix_4.exe N/A
13 Setup.2.2.exe N/A
14 BundleSetup.exe N/A
15 wilubore.dll N/A
16 القطة.exe N/A
17 wsmastercon.exe N/A
18 Star7.exe N/A
19 siguzuwi.dll N/A
20 SciTE4AutoIt3.exe N/A
21 db32.exe N/A
22 Configurer.exe N/A
23 bsplayer.exe N/A
24 mmduch.dll N/A
25 proxy.exe N/A
26 nnnnnnmm.exe N/A
28 jebufijo.dll N/A
29 636739442.exe N/A
30 0.7299938786788812.exe N/A
31 setui70vir.exe N/A
32 jyhgje.exe N/A
33 fuweyuni.dll N/A
34 firefox.exe N/A
35 0.5741842256036443.exe N/A
36 swf2avi.exe N/A
37 xlr.exe N/A
38 superfast.exe N/A
39 skls.exe N/A
40 services.exe N/A
41 dserbh.dll N/A
42 cscdll32.dll N/A
43 cokrh1.dll N/A
44 mmx.dll N/A
45 TJEnder.exe N/A
46 NPI.sys N/A
47 MsEss.exe N/A
48 jhoos_setup.exe N/A
49 gptexa.dll N/A
50 212250305.exe N/A
51 {FB0FDDBA-27C2-441E-A4A6-7EC0E9F60E63}.dll N/A
52 Logger.exe N/A
53 rfusclient.exe N/A
54 java.exe N/A
55 1748.exe N/A
56 vksaver-install-2.2.2.exe N/A
57 ZDL.sys N/A
58 winvnc.exe N/A
59 sozewema.dll N/A
60 setup_lvk.exe N/A
61 dvdplayy.exe N/A
62 csrss_tc.exe N/A
63 cokrhh.dll N/A
64 RakyatKelaparan.exe N/A
65 Thunder.exe N/A
66 pdfcrackerent.exe N/A
67 msible.dll N/A
68 kelarozo.dll N/A
69 HPMedia.exe N/A
70 334236529.exe N/A
71 27DC61.lnk N/A
72 6C5650.lnk N/A
73 windows.cmd N/A
74 document.exe dae4bc7cf2df5e00e8f8cbdeba9b9976 0
More files

Registry Details

Malware.Generic creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key

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