Threat Database Worms Malware.Gammima!rem


Malware.Gammima!rem is a worm that distributes itself by replicating across removable media. Malware.Gammima!rem is installed and executed the moment an unsuspecting user opens an infected storage device. Malware.Gammima!rem provides unauthorized users with access and control over an infected PC. Malware.Gammima!rem gives attackers the ability to steal a victim's confidential information and use it for malicious activities. Malware.Gammima!rem should be removed before it causes serious damage to both the victim's computer and identity.

File System Details

Malware.Gammima!rem may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %Temp%\herss.exe
2. %Temp%\cvasds1.dll
3. %Temp%\cvasdso.dll
4. c:\rg9g9bgq.exe
5. c:\autorun.inf

Registry Details

Malware.Gammima!rem may create the following registry entry or registry entries:


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