'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired'

'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Description

The 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' is an online tactic proliferated by dubious websites. It uses scare tactics to get users who are less knowledgeable to install a promoted program, usually a barely functioning PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). It should be noted that this scheme is extremely popular with countless pages using the same tactics. 

When lading on a page related to the 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' tactic, users will first be shown a pop-up that mimics a legitimate system notification. The message will state that a malware threat has been found on the user's iPhone. The main message continues with more fake claims. It ups the ante by telling users that exactly 42 malware threats have invaded their iPhones giving the attackers access to the calendar and all iCloud photos. To prevent any more damage, the con site urges users to tap the conveniently provided button and install the promoted 'protection tool.'

When dealing with this scheme, the first thing to remember is that no website can carry out malware scans on its own. So, just close the page and carry on with your normal activities. If you notice that the number of dubious pages you encounter is abnormally high, it may be time to scan your device for any PUPs that might have already managed to sneak inside it.