Mal vb-cf

Mal vb-cf Description

Mal vb-cf is a malignant computer infection which does not fix the issue even after being deleted, if its payload is executed. That's because Mal vb-cf is also identified by other security tools as a dropper trojan. A dropper trojan facilitates other malware invasion. Thus, removal of the Mal vb-cf should be performed together with the associated unwanted content elimination. In addition to that Mal vb-cf is able to download content more dangerous that it, Mal vb-cf is known to connect infected computers to websites, which names consist of Russian phrases written in Latin letters without spaces made between the words. Their meaning is usually rude with a program of Russian explicit language. However, they are not shown for fun as the websites look for backdoor on a computer system connected to drop commercial malware threats. So, if you have the dropper infection on your machine, you need to remove Mal vb-cf, as well as the content it drops.