Mal/JSRedir-K Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

Mal/JSRedir-K is an infection found in a spam email campaign that uses a malicious file attachment to direct computer users towards pornographic websites. The malicious file associated with Mal/JSRedir-K will often be named after a pornographic film actress and will be included in an email promoting a new pornographic movie. This HTML file attachment will may infect the victim's computer system by directing their web browser to a pornographic website which has the potential to contain malware. Because of this, any contact with the Mal/JSRedir-K malicious file should be followed with a thorough system scan with a reliable anti-malware program.

The Mal/JSRedir-K Malicious Email Attachment can Direct You to Malicious Websites

The spam email campaign that distributed the Mal/JSRedir-K malicious email attachment has quickly spread and claimed high numbers of victims. ESG security researchers report that Mal/JSRedir-K can direct computer users towards malicious websites that can install additional malware on their computer system. Furthermore, they report that the spam email attack has targeted a very large number of recipients and likely has been organized by criminals with access to a large botnet or network of infected computer systems. The Mal/JSRedir-K redirector will usually be contained in a file with the name of an adult film actress. Examples of these include JulietMorton.html and MonaFletcher.html, contained in email messages claiming that that particular person (Juliet Morton or Mona Fletcher respectively) released a new film. The messages contained in these spam email messages are designed to pique the recipient's curiosity, often not containing information leading the computer user to think that they are related to pornographic material. However, opening the Mal/JSRedir-K file will immediately cause the victim's web browser to go to a pornographic website.

The Main Danger of the Mal/JSRedir-K Malicious File

While the potential for having a pornographic website open in a web browser without notice is worrying, the main danger of the Mal/JSRedir-K malicious file lies in its unauthorized browser redirect. Just as Mal/JSRedir-K forces a web browser to visit a pornographic website, it can also be forced to visit an attack website that uses exploits to force a computer system to download malware. In fact, the possibility of Mal/JSRedir-K being used for these kinds of purposes is quite likely in the future. Looking for synergy between this malware threat and other kinds of malware, ESG malware analysts consider the possibility of Mal/JSRedir-K being used in conjunction with Winlockers and ransomware threatening the victim by claiming that their computer was in contact with illegal pornographic material.

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