Mal/JSRedir-H Description

The Internet community is aware that criminals will take advantage of the top stories in the news cycle in order to distribute malware. Just this year, we've seen it happen with events such as the attacks in Libya and the 2013 London Olympics. Most PC security researchers know that it is only a matter of time before the first malware threat takes advantage of the presidential elections in the United States started to surface. The Mal/JSRedir-H Trojan is a dangerous JavaScript Trojan that is designed to redirect computer users to attack websites. This malware infection is included in malicious email messages that lead to fake websites impersonating top news networks such as CNN. If you have become a victim of the Mal/JSRedir-H Trojan, ESG security researchers advise scanning your computer with a reliable security program at once. Mal/JSRedir-H and malware associated with this attack pose a severe threat to your computer and to your private information.

The Social Engineering Attack Associated with Mal/JSRedir-H

Mal/JSRedir-H is distributed in a spam email campaign that uses the subject line 'CNN Breaking News – Mitt Romney Almost President'. This email message impersonates a news alert from CNN, an important news organization, which claims that Mitt Romney will win the election with more than sixty percent of the votes. This and the other stories included in this fake news alert can tempt inexperienced computer users to click on the embedded links supposedly leading computer users to these news stories. Unfortunately for computer users, clicking on this link leads to attack websites that contain the Mal/JSRedir-H JavaScript Trojan, which directs computer users to attack websites that use the BlackHole Exploit Kit to attack victims' computers.

What Happens After Your computer is Attacked by the Mal/JSRedir-H Trojan

This malicious JavaScript will direct your computers to various attack websites that use the infamous Blackhole Exploit Kit. This is a dangerous hacking tool that contains numerous known vulnerabilities in operating systems and software. It simultaneously tries to exploit various weaknesses in a computer in order to install a backdoor on victims' computers. One of the aspects that have PC security researchers worried about this attack is that it seems to use a more advanced version of the Blackhole Exploit Kit than it has been used in recent attacks. It seems to contain components that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities specific to Windows 8, which has still not received a widespread commercial release.

Technical Information

File System Details

Mal/JSRedir-H creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 e1Vemf.exe N/A
2 update_flash_player.exe N/A