Mal/Iframe-W Description

Mal/Iframe-W is a malware infection that is a part of q changelog spam campaign. Malicious emails that encompass Mal/Iframe-W state to include a changelog, but the files attached are, actually, generated to corrupt affected machines. A subject of a common bogus email is 'Your Changelog' and the message itself reads: 'as promised chnglog attached (Open with Internet Explorer)', although the message can be different. The subject lines and attachment names can also differ from one email to another. The attached .HTM file in the unsolicited email carries Mal/Iframe-W. If you click the attachment and open it, your web browser will try to execute the malicious script included within. You will see a message that reads 'You are redirecting. Loading... Wait please...'. The code of the file the script is running is in the background. If your PC has been infected with Mal/Iframe-W, uninstall it immediately after detection.