Mal/DelpDrp-C Description

Type: Trojan

Mal/DelpDrp-C is harmful malware that negatively affects the normal functioning of a computer system. Mal/DelpDrp-C is able to monitor a victim's activities and capture sensitive information such as passwords or usernames. Mal/DelpDrp-C may give remote attackers access to an infected system, allowing them to download additional malware onto the system. Mal/DelpDrp-C should be exterminated upon detection.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
AVG Downloader.Generic11.BPPY
Fortinet W32/POSION.AB!tr.bdr
GData Dropped:Trojan.Generic.6412024
AntiVir BDS/Poisonivy.E.815
F-Secure Trojan.Generic.6412024
F-Prot W32/Poison.AE
AVG BackDoor.Generic14.SLB
Fortinet W32/Poison.APGH!tr.bdr
AhnLab-V3 Win-Trojan/Poisonivy.135794
AntiVir BDS/Gendal.679328
F-Secure Backdoor.Generic.679328
Sophos Troj/Agent-SST
BitDefender MemScan:Backdoor.Generic.679328
Kaspersky Backdoor.Win32.Poison.apgh
F-Prot W32/Poison.AV

Technical Information

File System Details

Mal/DelpDrp-C creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 ywdrive32.exe 21086972f2a8d69d188469b06960bac9 59
2 Arron2.exe abec02e34ba01ef30f6d9da3242e9629 38
3 A-452311913.exe f4252544b937f28cab606a7d3a96a732 12
4 hostsn.exe 085f286a6f2c31943aff11f301684b74 12
5 hostsv.exe 0bac0fc2351e6d992f26ea479e4bf691 9
6 A1052308153.exe 59b6f67dd0c9390d23c182acd4796568 8
7 pmdrive32.exe 68ecb3dab0125fb35f4f2f82c17e6d61 5
8 13F1.exe c3b049d8458159299748109669d5d894 4
9 killVBS.vbs 73ada65ca7e7e41524ebae14a07c9759 4
10 A1775895879.exe 8a65619091842f5d518ebfa35049186a 4
11 252283110931136.exe a620dd19b9f7da1ddfda30cea53450d7 4
12 uxogfbv.exe 3a291406b794742643cb522c664827f3 4
13 A7D6.exe af31910b2ee4827378bdf7a02abe9581 4
14 A468048911.exe 7d484fd061f3ec205d04729068e7c5d5 2
15 0c5d4421.exe aa7fa6d8169fbcf64e1d5068bc4844b3 2
16 A703751584.exe 16f499bde25205d0d7490ce7d6a46a46 2
17 Windowzsx.exe 72400b251240d5ae44a6a5acbcaf7158 2
18 safari.exe 6955c057c246e58eb95328300c85d229 2
19 2F3A.exe d34e26cf3797843f42d21dc5a5ac7a0a 2
20 wnllovhuwlhldawe.exe 9bb703108d10ceafada64b146d210d00 2
21 zzbrenkzx.exe ff04c4e4179a676e9f8462e4501de420 2
22 4FA9.exe 7213cf813ef23fef55485b9bec7fe98b 2
23 9B.exe 86f2877fdf3487ac50047e1d9a097686 1
24 bGsLRkborC.exe dedfa0fcc33ab1b0c447e0fea50a07d8 1
25 4359.exe f3dadf79e8d848002461730ab21a38f6 1
26 Wzdpdtrromhtmrzy.exe 9f55a435d9f9ebb59969e1218e3423c8 1
27 1CCD.exe d08d5d4a59c56fd8f6852e15ea4aad1c 1
28 E4E1.exe 295114f65a796e4e56f6fd017d0666a2 1
29 6986.exe dfc5cff56a4da1f6540cf7f12366efed 1
30 gjcknzyuaxpvsvcx.exe a483c8d4bac64e752edcb194c630064a 1
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