MagentoName JS-sniffer

MagentoName JS-sniffer Description

MagentoName JS-sniffer is an aggressive malware threat that has infected thousands of websites around the world for the purpose of stealing credit card details.

The outbreak of MagentoName JS-sniffer has led researchers to discover different variations of the malware where they primarily utilize JavaScript code to inject into websites where the site is then compromised to a point that credit card details may be compromised. Such a case of MagentoName JS-sniffer may arm hackers with the ability to make bogus charges on cards or banking accounts where consumers are greatly affected personally and monetarily.

Hackers may leverage MagentoName JS-sniffer by paying a substantial price for the malware through underground Dark Web forums. Those who suspect a website of being affected by MagentoName JS-sniffer should avoid use of the site and take measures to perform system scans using an antispyware tool so they may safely detect and eliminate any forms of malware that root from compromised sites or the MagentoName JS-sniffer threat.