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MafiaWare666 Ransomware

The MafiaWare666 Ransomware is used by attack operations by cybercriminals with the goal of extorting money from the impacted victims. The threat carries an encryption routine that locks the data found on the breached devices with the intention of rendering it inaccessible and unusable. The files encrypted by the threat have '.MafiaWare666' appended to their original names. When all documents, PDFs, archives, databases, images, photos, and other file types have been processed, the MafiaWare666 Ransomware will display a ransom note in a new pop-up window.

Restoring the files encrypted by ransomware threats is typically impossible, but victims of the MafiaWare666 Ransowmare are in luck. Infosec researchers have managed to develop and have released a free decryption tool that might be able to fully unlock the affected files.

The ransom note of the threat states that the hackers are willing to provide assistance to their victims, but only after receiving a $300/€300 ransom payment. The money is supposed to be transmitted to the provided crypto-wallet address in Bitcoins. Victims of MafiaWare666 are given 72 hours to make the payment. After that time is over, the decryption key associated with their locked files will apparently be destroyed. After making the payment, victims are expected to contact the '' email address.

The full text of the note is:

'All Your important files are now encrypted!
You've been infected with MafiaWare666.

To decrypt files you need to obtain the private key.
The Single copy of the private key which allow you
to decrypt the files is on a secret server on the internet dark web.
The server will destroy the key after 72 Hours in this window.

To obtain the private key for this computer,
Please Send or Pay 300 USD Or 300 EUR
To the bitcoin address below in the Red Box.
If your wondering why we charge low its because we
believe, a little goes a long way.

Once you've paid follow these steps:

Take a time stamp of payment

email this address[]

Contain the time and date of payment
and we'll email you back with a decryption key'


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