Macube Cleaner

Macube Cleaner Description

The Macube Cleaner is an application that advertises itself as a convenient tool that can help Mac users clean up and maintaining their computers in a much more efficient way. The app allows the user to quickly free up needed disk space by finding and removing trash, old or large files, rarely used applications or files, etc. In addition, it has a wide set of features such as Duplicate Finder, Uninstaller, Smart Scan, and more. While everything sounds legitimate perfectly, it must be noted that Macube Cleaner is classified as a deceptive app due to the questionable methods it uses to spread itself. 

Indeed, many users may not have even realized that the app is being installed on their Mac systems. This is a common tactic observed with PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that mask their installation process inside fake software updaters/installers or as a preselected choice included in the installation of a more popular freeware program. 

It should be noted that users can initiate a scan of their Mac with Macube Cleaner and will be presented with suitable items for removal or other optimization suggestions. However, this is the only functionality available in the unactivated version of the app. To proceed with the removal or other suggested actions, users will have to buy the paid tier of Macube Cleaner.