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Mac SpeedUp Pro ScreenshotMac Speedup Pro is yet another PC scanner supposedly capable of cleaning your Mac from bugs, parasites, and potential malware. Alas, it is also able to sneak in without your prior consent. That’s a problem because Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) do it the same way.

Indeed, Mac Speedup Pro comes packaged with other software tools in a single bundle. When installing a bundle, the default installation method always includes all the tools in the package. You can change that if you pick custom installation instead. If you don’t, you’ll install the whole package, including the Mac Speedup Pro PUP. That’s how hundreds of PUPs such as Mac Speedup Pro affect an indefinite number of computers every year.

Like dozens of alternative optimization tools, Mac Speedup Pro has a slew of seemingly useful features. However, you won't reap their benefits unless you buy the premium version beforehand. Since a popular PC scanner would by no means go out of its way to shove itself down your PC, what Mac Speedup Pro does to reach your system is inadequate to support good practice. What is more, Mac Speedup Pro's questionable problem-solving skills don't weigh the odds in its favor.

If you've already come across Mac Speedup Pro on your Mac, you will experience an annoying slowdown rather than a speedup in your system's performance. Your Mac may become more sluggish than usual, and you may find your screen littered with intrusive web adverts and countless unwanted banners. That may be either due to Mac Speedup Pro or a different PUP.

Mac Speedup Pro is just a drop in the ocean of optimization tools currently in circulation. Most of them rely on deceptive marketing strategies to reach as many PC users as possible, often without the latter’s consent. If you have missed the opportunity to deselect Mac Speedup Pro and other unwanted tools from a recently installed bundle, you may consider uninstalling it from your system. To do that, head over to your Applications folder and remove Mac Speedup Pro’s entry. Then, remove the Mac Speedup Pro Login Item in your Account menu. Finally, restore your web browsers to their factory settings to neutralize any hijackers Mac Speedup Pro may have brought along the way.

Alternatively, use an automatic AV solution to clean up your Mac the more comfortable way.


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