Macromedia.exe Description

Macromedia.exe is a dangerous executable file, which is a part of a variety of malware threats involving Trojan.BitCoinMiner, not-a-virus: RiskTool. BitCoinMiner.coq, not-a-virus: RiskTool.BitCoinMiner, RiskTool.BitCoinMiner.Ix79zcXctZU, Win32:BitCoinMiner-CG, a variant of Win32.BitCoinMiner.P, Trojan.Proxy.24717. Macromedia.exe is usually delivered together with another executable file called 'shell.exe'. These two executable files represent an application to mine coins, which is to create an online currency. Such production consumes up to 70 % of CPU and may result in freezes and reduced performance in a number of tools installed on the infected computer system. Computer users may install these executable files to exploit resources of their PCs in order to get this quickly revaluating currency. However, most possibly the victimized PC user gets this from some website, which does not match standards of trustworthy downloads and inject this executable to content shared, or immediately injects Macromedia.exe into the infected computer.