'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' Pop-Ups

'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' Pop-Ups Description

The 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups are an online tactic that appears to target Apple users exclusively. These bogus pop-ups are usually hosted on dodgy websites whose administrators are experienced con-artists. The purpose of the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups is to mislead users into believing that their Macs, iPhones, or iPads have been targeted by cybercriminals. If you browse sites that host illicit TV shows and movie streams, dodgy gambling platforms, adult videos, and other shady page habitually, you are more likely to stumble upon the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups.

Users who come across the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups will see a large message on their screens that is designed to intimidate them. The conmen are using a large red font to get the point across that there is a serious threat targeting the user. Some users report seeing an 'Error Code # 0x3e7' message on their screens. However, this is not a real error code but one that the conmen have made up. The main goal of the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups is to trick users into calling a phone number, which is meant to provide them with technical support. Of course, this is a scheme. The phone number associated with the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups is +32 78 25 11 49. However, the con-artists are likely to use other phone numbers too, so be wary.

If you call the phone number provided by the tricksters, you will likely end up on the line with an experienced conman, that may try to carry out one of the following scenarios:

  • Mislead you into providing them with your credit card details or banking information via a phishing page created by the con-artists.
  • Trick you into purchasing a license key for a useless security utility, which is likely to either be a rogue app or a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
  • Trick you into subscribing to a useless technical support service.
  • Gain remote access to your Mac or your iOS device.

If you happen to come across the 'MAC/iOS Defender Alert' pop-ups, you should ignore their content. This is only an online scheme. Make sure a reputable anti-malware application is protecting your device.

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