Mac Clean ScreenshotMacClean is a rogue system-optimizing utility for Mac computers that falls into the category of the Potential Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Anti-malware tools detect it under different names, whereby some of these detection names include the name of MacClean's developer and provider - a China-based company named iMobile (for example, MacOS:IMobie-A [PUP], variants of OSX/iMobie.B Potentially Unwanted, PUA:Win32/Presenoker, OSX.Application.Agent.E57NG5).

Although some users install MacClean from the PUP's official website in the belief it is a useful tool that would clean and optimize their machines, in most cases, the fake system optimizer spreads through deceptive promotional pop-ups, corrupted websites, or through a method known as freeware bundling. Malware researchers are confident that this tool can be of absolutely no use but can do a lot of damage instead. A clear sign that your Mac computer has been affected by MacClean is that some made-up scan results will continuously appear on your screen, pretending that your system has various performance and security issues that need to be fixed right now. In order to fix them, MacClean claims you have to purchase the full version of the program.

Furthermore, questionable promotional content of any kind would fill up your screen on a regular basis, deteriorating your browsing experience and interfering with the performance of your machine. All messages displayed by MacClean could contain potentially dangerous links and scripts that could lead to the installation of additional malware. Many PUPs like this one also have data-tracking features and could, therefore, cause serious privacy issues for the victim.

Mac devices are completely self-optimizing, so any tool that claims to do that job is fake and should be removed from your system. MacClean malicious files affect the system on may levels, which can make manual removal complicates. Experts advise using a certified Mac malware removal tool to detect and eliminate harmful software.

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