Mac Ads Cleaner

Mac Ads Cleaner Description

Every Internet user loves the idea of getting rid of the advertisements that they keep seeing online, especially since many of them contain irrelevant content. However, you can rest assured that the Mac Ads Cleaner is one of the utilities that will not help you with this problem, despite what its name claims. This software is available for all OSX devices, and it is advertised an all-in-one privacy protector, advertisements cleaner, and malware removal application. If you think this seems to be too good to be true, then you have the correct idea – the helpfulness of the Mac Ads Cleaner is questionable, at best, and it is important to note that many reputable Mac security tools report this software as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

The official Apple forums have several threads regarding the Mac Ads Cleaner, and all of their authors state that they saw a desktop notification with an offer to purchase the Mac Ads Cleaner, despite never agreeing to install this software. After checking the list of installed programs, they were surprised to see that Mac Ads Cleaner was present there and that it was configured to run whenever the computer boots up. It is likely that this had happened when the Mac Ads Cleaner was delivered via a software bundle that uses social engineering tricks to conceal the offer to install this program, therefore tricking users into accepting the Mac Ads Cleaner’s installation unknowingly.

The Mac Ads Cleaner Uses Misleading Information to Finalize the Purchase

Keep in mind that having the Mac Ads Cleaner present on your computer is not a security threat since this software is perfectly harmless. However, it can turn out to be a very annoying issue to deal with since the Mac Ads Cleaner is programmed to bombard users with advertisements to purchase the full license of the program and resolve all pending computer problems. However, the Mac Ads Cleaner may try to mislead its potential customers into thinking that their computers are in a worse state than they are – to do so, it may display exaggerated scan results that may report non-existing issues. The goal of all these tricks is to get users to pay for the full product, thinking that it is a worthwhile investment.

Users affected by the Mac Ads Cleaner’s aggressive marketing tricks state that their attempts to remove the program manually did not succeed, and it was able to persist. This is why it is recommended to take care of this PUP’s removal with the use of a sophisticated and up-to-date Mac security tool.

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