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Lumino_Ransom Ransomware

Lumino_Ransom Ransomware is a malicious threat designed to encrypt the files found on the computer systems it infects. As a result of its actions, victims will find that their documents, photos, PDFs, archives, databases, and many other files are no longer accessible. Each affected file will have '.lumino_locked' attached to its original name as a new extension.

Although the vast majority of ransomware threats are used in financially-motivated attack operations, this does not appear to be the case when it comes to Lumino_Ransom. The malware may still be under development or its operators are testing its capabilities. After all, there are some peculiar aspects of the threat that set it apart. For example, Lumino_Ransom will create 400 blank files on the desktop of the breached device. The files will have names ranging from 'Lumine1' to 'Lumine400.'

A ransom note will be presented to users in a Notepad window. The text will appear gradually and will deliver the same message in English and French. According to the note, victims can decrypt their locked files for free by messaging the '' email address. However, the ransom note warns that its window will be closed in 20 seconds, meaning that victims may have a limited time to save the attackers' email.

The full text of the ransom note is:

Hi !!!
Your file was encrypted by the ransomware: Lumino_Ransom, if you want to decrypt him, send me à mail with the user name pc at and I give to you the password for free ; that you need to enter in Lumino_decrypt ! On the other hand, you have no luck, it's the Hard's version of my Ransomware that I've created then…

Salut !!!
Vos fichier on été encypté par le ransomware: Lumino_ransom, si tu veux les décryptés, envoie moi un mail avec ton nom d'utilisateur à et je te donnerais le mot de passe gratuitement ; qu'il faudra entrer dans Lumino_decrypt ! Par contre, t'as pas de chance, c'est la version Hard mon Ransomware que j'ai crée donc…

The window/notepad gonna be closed automaticaly after 20 secondes !
La fenettre/le bloc note vas être fermée automatiquement après 20 secondes !


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