Luhe.Morphex Description

Luhe.Morphex is a malicious Morphex package that is a member of the Luhe.Morphex Trojan family, and is classified as a malware infection. The Morphex packer is usually used for packing malware and is used only very rarely for genuine software programs. The Morphex packer encompasses the particular peculiarities that involve encryption, injection and execution flow interference. Execution flow interference and injection makes the Morphex packer more doubtful than typical packers, and it's also the reason to give a certain detection name for it, namely Luhe.Morphex. It's unclear, if the injection part is involved as intended behavior in Luhe.Morphex, or if it's just a part of the payload of the unpacked file. Lots of Morphex examples that have injection behavior have been spotted. Also, this type of injection is alike to the DLL component of Duqu. Luhe.Morphex generates a process using a common system file, and then injects a code to that memory and covers the entry

point of the target process.