Description is a deceptive site that relies on misleading messages to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. The goal is to abuse its newly-received browser permissions and run an intrusive ad campaign on the device and generate monetary gains for its operators.

This particular browser-based tactic has been extremely popular, and countless websites proliferating it have been flooding the Internet for quite a while now.

It should be noted that while landing on such questionable sites from time to time can be viewed as inevitable, a noticeable increase in the encounters may be a sign that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) has managed to invade the user's computer or device.

The advertisements generated by such unproven sources should not be approached carelessly. Users may risk being taken to more con websites, phishing pages, shady online game platforms, domains spreading PUPs or even malware threats and more. Luckily for those who have fallen for the tricks of and have clicked the displayed 'Allow' button, stopping the website from affecting their browsing experience is not that difficult. In nearly all cases, you just need to revoke the permissions granted to the page via your browser's Notifications or Permissions menu.