LoverSpy Description

The LoverSpy Malware infection was initially created to catch a cheating lover online. The FBI has added the creator of LoverSpy infection to its list of most wanted computer criminals. This is an $89 application that is also known as EmailPI. The creator of LoverSpy Malware was a San Diego college student that initially sold this program directly from his home. LoverSpy is distributed as a fake greeting card that installs LoverSpy Malware on the victim's computer. LoverSpy infection is used to stalk computer users using their Web cam.

The Law Enforcement is Currently Hunting Down LoverSpy Malware's Creator

LoverSpy infection was created by Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara, a 33-year old that had been on the run since 2005, when he was first indicted. LoverSpy's creator is currently believed to be in El Salvador, his country of origin. Unlike many other computer criminals, it seems that Perez-Melara has not profited greatly from the distribution of LoverSpy. Unlike criminals who generate millions of dollars using their threats, it seems that Perez-Melara was a San Diego student on a student visa who used LoverSpy as a way of generating revenue. However, it seems that LoverSpy Malware allowed thousands of computer users to carry out attacks that would usually be carried out by sophisticated hackers.

When Trying to Solve a Problem Brings a Bigger One

One of the most alarming aspects of LoverSpy Malware is that this threat was programmed to be as furtive as possible, making LoverSpy extremely difficult to detect and remove. Perez-Melara sold LoverSpy to about one thousand customers initially. Using LoverSpy, criminals may spy on the victims using their Web cam or monitoring the infected computer. It is important to note that LoverSpy is largely outdated by now. Perez-Melara's indictment occurred in 2005, and eight years is an eternity when it comes to the development of threats technology and security software. Since the release of LoverSpy, there are numerous hacking tools that allow regular computer users to spy on phone conversations or monitor computer users' online activities. Because of this, it is extremely important to protect your computer with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware application. Prevent attacks involving threats like LoverSpy by avoiding potentially unsafe websites and following safe browsing guidelines when viewing or downloading online content.

Technical Information

File System Details

LoverSpy creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %System%\ShellExt\Csrss.exe N/A
2 %Windir%\Mspssvf.bat N/A
3 %Windir%\Mspssvf.exe N/A
4 %Windir%\Mspssvf.txt N/A
5 %Windir%\Rec_pwd.html N/A

More Details on LoverSpy

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