Lotoor Description

Lotoor is a threat that is crafted to target Android devices specifically. Most of the Lotoor malware activity appears to be located in the Russian Federation, with more than 32% of the compromised devices being concentrated in this region. However, this malware family appears to be also rather active in the USA, Brazil, India, Germany, Vietnam and others.

Lotoor’s Capabilities

The approach of the Lotoor malware is to sneak into the target’s Android device silently and look for various exploits that may be present. Then, if any is detected, the Lotoor threat will try to use it to get administrator privileges. If this attempt is successful, the Lotoor malware will be able to receive and execute remote commands by its operators. This means that the Lotoor authors can:

  • Collect sensitive data.
  • Disable any security measures, which may be present on the system.
  • Deliver additional threats to the infected host.
  • Manage the data on the system.
  • Manage the installer applications.
  • Change the settings on the device.

The Lotoor malware is a very potent threat that can cause great harm to its victims. Many users neglect cybersecurity when it comes to mobile devices, but nowadays, the market for Android malware is booming, and cyber crooks are becoming more and more inventive. Keep in mind that the Android OS holds about 80% of the market, which means that creating Android-based malware is seen as a great way to generate some cash. Do not forget that to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of Android malware, you should keep your device and all your applications updated. Also, remember that cybercriminals tend to host their creations on unofficial application stores so tha, if possible, make sure to avoid such platforms. Furthermore, you should look into installing an anti-virus application compatible with your device.