The LookupTool application is an adware program, which is designed to target Mac users exclusively. Adware used to be an issue only Windows users had to worry about, however, recently, online conmen have been creating more and more adware programs compatible with OSX. The LookupTool utility may appear as a tool that will help users get better search results online, but this is nothing more than an adware program.

If there is adware, like the LookupTool utility, installed on your computer, you are likely to see countless advertisements whenever you browse the Web. The presence of such an overwhelming number of advertisements is likely to impact your browsing quality negatively, as the advertisements may not only be distracting, but they also may overlay important parts of the site. The LookupTool program is likely to promote unsafe products and dodgy services, so you should avoid the advertisements affiliated with its activity.

The LookupTool adware program is likely being propagated via freeware bundles that may contain various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Be very wary when downloading free software bundles as they are often used by conmen to distribute adware programs and PUPs. Also, make sure you protect your Mac computer by installing a legitimate anti-malware suite.


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