Look4Like Description

The Look4Like browser plug-in can be found at Look4like.com and is promoted as an advanced social search engine, which functionality is comparable to Social Media NewTab. This browser plug-in may customize several options of your default Internet browser, and you may perceive that your search provider and homepage have been modified to Look4like.com. Additionally, you might experience browser redirects to less-known online stores and see banners and floating ads by Look4like.com on your favorite sites. You should know that the Look4Like plug-in is developed by the infamous ClientConnect Ltd. and may be detected by many scanners as PUP.Trovi.ChromePlugin. The Look4Like plug-in falls into the category of adware and may use pop-under windows to suggest users to install badware like Sweet Tunes Toolbar and PC Maximum Cleaner that may introduce more advertisements on your screen.

The Look4Like adware may reroute your Web traffic through Trovi.com and be used for click fraud. The developers of the Look4Like adware have demonstrated no respect for the user's privacy previously. Data like your software and hardware configuration, recently entered search terms, bookmarks collection, and browsing history may be collected by the Look4Like adware and sent to the servers of marketers without your notice. The Look4Like adware may add icons to your browser UI and provide links to sponsors to generate affiliate marketing revenue. Security analysts note that the Look4Like adware may integrate into your browser, connect to the Internet without having its connections filtered by the built-in browser protection, and you may be exposed to Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Security experts recommend removing the Look4Like adware before you make purchases online because your credit card information may not be secure.