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LonleyCrypt Ransomware

There is a growing number of shady actors, which take up creating ransomware threats. Some are highly-skilled individuals who build malware from the ground up, while others simply borrow readily available code and alter it to meet their needs.

The Distribution Method

Among the newest spotted ransomware threats is the LonleyCrypt Ransomware. After uncovering and studying this data-locking Trojan, cybersecurity experts speculate that this is likely a project in progress. It is likely that the authors of the LonleyCrypt Ransomware may use spam email campaigns to propagate this threat. Once it has infiltrated your computer, the LonleyCrypt Ransomware will locate all the files of interest by performing a brief scan. Next, the LonleyCrypt Ransomware will trigger the encryption process. All the files, which have undergone the encryption process of the LonleyCrypt Ransomware will have their extensions changed. This file-encrypting Trojan adds a '. LonleyEncryptedFile' extension at the end of the file names of all affected files. This means that a file you had originally named 'NBG.mp3' will be renamed to 'NBG.mp3. LonleyEncryptedFile' after the LonleyCrypt Ransomware locks it.

The Ransom Note

As most ransomware threats, the LonleyCrypt Ransomware will drop a ransom note containing instructions for the user. However, the note is in Chinese, which means that it is likely that the attackers are mainly targeting users located in China. One part of the note reads:

Delete within 24 hours, otherwise please bear the consequences.

The attackers do not mention a specific ransom fee. As we mentioned, the LonleyCrypt Ransomware seems like a project, which is yet to be completed, therefore it is likely that its creators will withhold from distributing it until it is finished. Users need to be very careful when opening emails or attachments from unknown addresses. Also, make sure you have installed a reputable anti-malware tool as there are numerous threats lurking online, which can cause you serious headaches.


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