Loginhelper.co Description

While browsing the Web, you can receive an offer from a website called Loginhelper.co to download and install an application that supposedly will permit that the computer users control their emails. This application, which is named My Login Helper, is, in reality, a browser hijacker that, once inside your computer, will redirect you to sponsored pages, which may exhibit threatening or fake content.

Another negative side of the My login Helper is that it may display unwanted and unwelcomed advertisements or affiliated links that will annoy and disturb the computer user.

Loginhelper.co also can be downloaded from the Google Web Store by misinformed computer users, or it may find its way to the machine bundled with a useful application. However, the presence of Loginhelper.co on a computer is very easy to be noticed since it changes the homepage and the address of the new tab to search.hmyloginhelper.com.

Although Loginhelper.co sends the computer users searches to the Yahoo Search, the search results will be full of links and advertisements. It also can install additional malware, PUPs and adware, collect information, which will be shared with third parties and perform other not recommended actions. Therefore, if you have Loginhelper.co or My Login Helper installed on your machine, take the necessary measures to remove them quickly.