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LogarithmicRecord is a browser hijacker that redirects user search queries to potentially corrupted websites or other unsafe content on the Internet. A common symptom that indicates that your browser has been affected by LogarithmicRecord is that your default search engine has been replaced with LogarithmicRecord Search. This is done with the purpose of generating advertising revenue through, as this dubious browser extension's own search engine is fake and cannot deliver any unique results.

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) like LogarithmicRecord spread around through compromised advertisements, but they also can come bundled within a freeware programs' installation package. Be very careful when installing software, as many program installers include optional installs. Always choose the custom installation option so that you can deselect anything that you do not want to install. Use a certified malware removal tool to remove LogarithmicRecord and scan your PC for other unsafe programs.


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