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LOCKED_PAY Ransomware

Most cybercriminals are not the highly-skilled individuals that the public tends to perceive them as. For example, when it comes to building ransomware, most cyber crooks do not construct this threat type from the ground up but instead rely on open-source projects on which they base their creations. This is the case with the ransomware threat in question today - LOCKED_PAY Ransomware. It would seem that the authors of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware have used the JigSaw Ransomware builder tool to create their own ransomware threat. However, when borrowing and altering the code, the authors of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware have made some errors, which have resulted in their ransomware threat being unable to lock any data whatsoever. As a result of this, the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware will not be able to encrypt any of your files.

The Infection Vectors

It is not known what the infection vectors applied in the spreading of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware are, though some speculate that emails containing macro-laced attachments may be among the propagation methods used in the spreading of this threat. As soon as the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware infiltrates your PC, it will scan your data and locate the files, which it is meant to target. Malware researchers discovered that the extension, which the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware is meant to apply to the targeted files is ‘.LOCKED_PAY.’ Most ransomware threats drop a ransom note in the shape of a text file, but the authors of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware have opted to display their ransom message in a new application window. In their message, the attackers state that the ransom fee is 800 Monero or 0.005 BTC (~$40 at the time of typing this post). The authors of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware have not given out any contact details. Usually, this is not a good sign meaning that even if you pay the ransom fee, you cannot get in touch with the attackers and potentially receiving a decryption key.

How to Get Rid of the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware

Despite the fact that the LOCKED_PAY Ransomware cannot lock any data, it can still end up stressing out regular users who may think there is something seriously wrong with their files. Remember that it may not be a solution to pay cybercriminals as they uphold their promises rarely. Make sure that your anti-spyware tool, is legitimate so that it will keep your system safe.


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