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Lock93 Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Lock93 Ransomware is a ransomware infection that is used to force computer users to pay large amounts of money. The way the Lock93 Ransomware carries out its attack involves encrypting the victim's files to take them hostage until the victim pays a ransom. The files that have been encrypted by the Lock93 Ransomware become inaccessible without access to the decryption key, which the con artists will have in their possession. The Lock93 Ransomware is similar to countless other ransomware Trojans that have become extremely popular due to the effectiveness of these attacks. Unfortunately, the files that have been encrypted by the Lock93 Ransomware are not recoverable. However, PC security researchers strongly advise against paying the Lock93 Ransomware's ransom. There is no guarantee that the con artists responsible for the Lock93 Ransomware will keep their promise and return access to the affected files. It is more likely that the con artists will simply ask for more money or ignore the victim's requests.

By Opening a Corrupted Email You may Install the Lock93 Ransomware

The Lock93 Ransomware may be distributed through spam email messages. Victims will receive a message that looks legitimate but will install the Lock93 Ransomware stored in a file attachment. Because of this, computer users should avoid opening unsolicited email attachments without being sure of their content, even if they appear to have been sent by an email contact. Once the Lock93 Ransomware is installed on the victim's computer, it will encrypt the victim's files, scanning the affected computer's drives for documents, media files, and other important files. After carrying out its attack, the Lock93 Ransomware will drop a text file named 'ИНСТРУКЦИЯ INSTRUCTION.txt' on the victim's Desktop. This file contains the Lock93 Ransomware's ransom note, which reads as follows:

English translation:
Send the code to the e-mail
You will get payment instructions
After payment you will get the unlock code and your data will be decrypted
Do not delete or modify files with extension the Lock93 and virus files because it can
destroy your data
Price: 1000 RUR

Original text in Russian:
Для расшифровки данных отправьте код на E-mail
После этого вы получите инструкции по оплате
После оплаты вы получите код разблокировки и все данные будут расшифрованы
Не удаляйте и не редактируйте файлы с расширением the Lock93 и фалы самого вируса,
т. к. это может привести к потере данных
Стоимость расшифровки: 1000 рублей

It is clear that the Lock93 Ransomware is designed to target Russian-speakers in its attack. However, this does not mean that the Lock93 Ransomware attacks are limited to Russian-speaking countries.

Preventing a Lock93 Ransomware Attack and Dealing with a Lock93 Ransomware Infection

The best way to deal with a Lock93 Ransomware infection is to restore the affected files from a backup location. Computer users are advised to backup their files regularly on an external memory device or the cloud. If computer users can recover their files quickly and easily, then the con artists will have no leverage over the victim. Computer users can simply wipe the affected hard drive or remove the Lock93 Ransomware with the help of a reliable, fully updated security application, and then replace the files that were encrypted with the backup copies.

Having regular backups is the best preventive measure computer users can take in the event of an attack like the Lock93 Ransomware. Computer users also can prevent the Lock93 Ransomware from being installed on their computers in the first place. Since the Lock93 Ransomware is distributed using corrupted email attachments commonly, caution when dealing with these messages is essential. Malware researchers also recommend that computer users take steps to safeguard their computers with a reliable security program that is fully up-to-date and a good anti-spam filter to prevent corrupted email messages from arriving in the victim's inbox. The Lock93 Ransomware also may be distributed using social media spam messages and attack websites, which makes a security program absolutely essential.


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