Locationtutor.xyz is yet another manipulative website that propagates a popular browser-based tactic. Its goal, and the goal of the myriad of websites identical to it virtually that have already been placed on the Internet, is to trick visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button. Various social-engineering tactics, fake alert and error messages, and different scenarios are used to achieve this. The most widespread ruse by far is for the website to pretend to be conduction a bot captcha check.

Locationtutor.xyz, however, has chosen a different angle to exploit. The site displays a video window that is experiencing an unspecified error. Accompanying it is the following text:

'Click Allow to play the video

stream and download available'

If that wasn't clear enough, a separate pop-up bubble repeats the same instructions. Users who do not pay enough attention and click the button will soon be subjected to a steady stream of unwanted advertisements. By that point, closing the browser will not be enough to stop the advertisements from appearing. Furthermore, while on its own Locationtutor.xyz is more of a nuisance than anything serious, the same cannot be said for the advertisements it delivers. Users who choose to click on them could be redirected to suspicious third-party websites pushing dubious online games, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even fake software updates and tech support tactics. 

Upon noticing the first signs of Locationtutor.xyz's activity, users must take the appropriate steps to revoke the permissions granted to this website. 


Locationtutor.xyz may call the following URLs:



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