Description is a bogus search engine that features a cartoon feline in its logo that should be familiar to most malware analysts. This same cartoon puma appears in the logos of clones of such as and It wears different outfits in different versions of this fake search engine, wearing a suit and carrying a bright red sign reading 'LOAN'. Like most versions of, the website's name is displayed as 'Super Search' with an arrow on the left side pointing to the search box that says 'Best'. However, it seems that, as of the writing of this article, the scam is not fully operational. While these fake search engines are set up to display advertisements and return spam whenever the computer user enters a search into their search box, appears to contain no advertisements and its search box is not implemented. However, the dangers associated with are still relevant since, like with most bogus search engines, the real danger of is not in the web page itself but in the browser redirectors that it uses in other to force visitors to return to repeatedly. If you find that your computer system is forcing you to visit, this is a clear indication that your PC has been infected with a harmful malware.

How Malware Associated with Takes Over Your Web Browser

ESG security researchers indicate that most redirects to are caused by a JavaScript browser hijacker rather than by a systemic Trojan infection, as is the case with most bogus search engines. While this makes malware easier to remove (by simply disabling JavaScript and using a reliable anti-malware tool to scan the infected computer system), it also gives malware associated with the ability to attack computers and devices not using the Windows operating system. This is a huge advantage for the criminals behind this malware infection since, traditionally, non-Windows operating systems always been considered safe from malware. However, many iPad users have already reported browser redirects to the website, as well as to other malicious websites associated with this bogus search engine. The symptoms of an attack are remarkably similar to a Google Redirect Virus infection. Most of the time, the victim's search results on reliable search engines will be altered so that the links direct the infected web browser to instead of to the website corresponding to the original link.