Description is a fake search engine that appears to be unfinished. The cartoon feline that appears in this website's logo is well known to PC security researchers, as it also makes a cameo in clones of such as and While in other versions of this fake search engine, this cartoon puma appears with a T-shirt or with sunglasses and a suit, in this case he appears to be wearing an overcoat and carrying an umbrella. The clones of also tend to change their background color, with this version of this fake search engine using a light blue color for its background display. Like most versions of this bogus search engine, also displays the name 'Super Search' beside the search bar. However, seems to be unfinished as it contains no links or information and its bogus search feature (which would normally be used to deliver advertisements to its victims instead of search results) appears not to work at all. However, itself is not particularly dangerous; like most websites of its type, the main danger of this online scam lies in the browser hijackers that are used to feed it rather than itself.

Symptoms of Malware Associated with

The culprit behind forced redirects to and its clones appears to be a JavaScript-based browser hijacker often acquired from an infected website. Fortunately, removing these kinds of malware infections is easier than removing systemic infections such as the Google Redirect Virus, which takes over the entire operating system and often includes a rootkit component that protects it from detection and removal. Simply disabling JavaScript will often be enough to stop most symptoms of an infection long enough to use a legitimate anti-malware program to scan and remove your system for the malware responsible for these redirects. However, this browser hijacker was probably designed in this manner in order to be capable to infect computer systems using other operating systems, such as iOS. In fact, ESG security researchers have received numerous reports of iPad users experiencing forced redirects to and its clones. While an infection is not particularly difficult to remove on a computer using Windows, devices like the iPad may require the computer user to reinstall the operating system entirely. ESG malware analysts predict that, as tablet and smartphone users increase, malware infections like this one will become increasingly common.