LNK.Exploit Description

The LNK.Exploit is a well-known Windows security vulnerability. Criminals can use the LNK.Exploit to exploit a vulnerability in how Windows processes shortcut icons. This is a critical problem in the Windows operating system that has been integrated into various malware infections and attack websites. While Microsoft has released a patch intended to alleviate this problem, there are many unsecured computer systems using the Windows operating system that are still vulnerable to the LNK.Exploit vulnerability. In fact, ESG security researchers consider that it is very likely that infections derived from the LNK.Exploit will continue to increase eventually. The most effective way to protect your computer system from malware taking advantage of the LNK.Exploit vulnerability is to update your operating system so that you may receive the patch intended to fix this problem. However, it is essential that you make sure to only download updates for Windows from a legitimate source. Third party updates are a common source of Trojan and other malware infections.

How Criminals Take Advantage of the LNK.Exploit Vulnerability

The vulnerability involved in the LNK.Exploit attack is cataloged as CVE-2010-2568 in Microsoft's Security Advisory 2286198. It was first detected in the wild due to a dangerous malware attack that was taking advantage of this vulnerability to infect computer systems. The LNK.Exploit vulnerability takes advantage of how Windows processes shortcuts for control panel icons. Malware using the LNK.Exploit vulnerability will try to deceive victims into opening a directory with malicious LNK files. The LNK.Exploit vulnerability can be exploited through removable memory devices and on folders shared on a network. Microsoft has also disclosed that the LNK.Exploit vulnerability can also be exploited online through attack websites or malicious files that are delivered through social engineering. According to ESG security researchers, the LNK.Exploit vulnerability is a serious defect in the Windows operating system which is exploited by some of the most dangerous malware families (such as Zeus and Vobfus).

Protecting Yourself from Attacks Using LNK.Exploit

While some security programs already include protection from the LNK.Exploit vulnerability, the best way to prevent attacks using this security hole is to download the official patch. ESG security researchers recommend using Windows Update or connecting directly to the official Microsoft servers, to download this patch as soon as possible. Remember, keeping your operating system and applications updated is essential, as it protects your computer from harmful intrusions.