Lizehopm Ransomware

Lizehopm Ransomware Description

The Lizehopm Ransomware is an encrypting data threat that was uncovered by security experts recently. Computer users infected by the Lizehopm Ransomware will not be able to access their files and may panic when they see a ransom message sent by the people behind the Lizehopm Ransomware asking them for money. In Lizehopm Ransomware's ransom note, it is said that if the victims want to recover their data, they will need to send money to the criminals to be provided with software containing the decryption key. However, accepting to send them the asked Bitcoin fee is a risky deed because these people are known for not to honor their promises and, sending them the money, you may waste your money and be still with your data inaccessible.

The Lizehopm Ransomware is based on the Snatch Ransomware code and, regretfully, its variants, the Lizehopm Ransomware included, are not decryptable for free. Although the criminals are willing to decrypt three files for free, to prove that they have a functional decryption key, this does not mean that it will be sent to you after sending them the money.

The ransom note delivered by the criminals is named 'HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.tx.' It contains what they are requesting and two email addresses for contact, and Malware experts advise not to agree with their requests, remove the infection from the affected computer and look for alternative decryption techniques.