Live Player Toolbar

Live Player Toolbar Description

Although the Live Player Toolbar is marketed as a helpful way of accessing videos and carrying out searches directly from the Web browser toolbar, the Live Player Toolbar actually causes a number of unwanted symptoms that make its supposed benefits not worth the trouble. The Live Player Toolbar is one of the many browser hijackers that are associated with the Conduit search engine, a well-known source of adware and potentially unwanted programs. This search engine will not give you legitimate search results and includes a high number of sponsored search results that rarely are related to the searches carried out. Because of this, computer users should refrain from installing the Live Player Toolbar and remove the Live Player Toolbar from their computer if the Live Player Toolbar has already been installed.

How Live Player Toolbar Enters a Computer

Despite the fact that it is viable to download and settle the Live Player Toolbar directly, most computer users will install the Live Player Toolbar without knowing what they are doing. This is because the Live Player Toolbar is often bundled with freeware programs, normally hosted by a third party rather than by their developer. It is important to go over all the components being installed when downloading and installing a freeware application. Most of the time, you may opt out of installing the Live Player Toolbar, although many computer users overlook this option or mistakenly believe that it is necessary to install the Live Player Toolbar in order for the freeware program that is being installed to work. Many computer users are prompted to install the Live Player Toolbar as a supposed requirement for viewing certain online videos. This is meant to convince inexperienced computer users that they need to install these kinds of applications on their computers.

Common Symptoms of a Live Player Toolbar Infection

Several reasons can be mentioned to justify why ESG security analysts advise against installing the Live Player Toolbar. Some common symptoms associated with the Live Player Toolbar include the following:

  • The Live Player Toolbar makes changes to your Web browser settings without your permission.
  • The Live Player Toolbar may cause browser redirects and pop-up windows.
  • The Live Player Toolbar may significantly slow down your online connection and computer's performance.