LiveLyrics Description

Type: Adware

LiveLyrics belongs to a large family of Potentially Unwanted Programs that are marketed as a way to access song lyrics directly from your Web browser. LiveLyrics is typically downloaded by computer users fooled by marketing hype. However, LiveLyrics is also often bundled with free software or distributed through social engineering tactics or other methods. Although LiveLyrics claims to allow computer users to view lyrics on their Web browser while listening to music on their computer, the LiveLyrics service seldom works as advertised. The fact is that LiveLyrics is not designed to deliver a useful service. Rather, is used to profit from advertising revenue at the expense of computer users. LiveLyrics causes a wide variety of symptoms on affected computers in an attempt to make money from advertising and marketing. Because of this, if LiveLyrics is installed on your computer, PC security researchers endorse its immediate deletion with the assistance of a strong, reliable anti-malware application. In general, PC security analysts advise computer users to steer clear of typical PUPs such as Web browser toolbars, Web browser extensions offering discounts and special deals and bogus alternate search engines not backed by a reliable developer.

When Trying to Get Your Favorite Lyrics May Become a Problem

The main reason PC security analysts advise computer users to avoid LiveLyrics is that LiveLyrics has been associated with several unwanted symptoms on affected computers. The following are symptoms that may be related to LiveLyrics in some way:

  1. LiveLyrics may change your Web browser's settings, altering its default search engine, home page and new tab Web page. This is designed to ensure that computer users are exposed to certain sponsored content as soon as the affected Web browser is opened.
  2. LiveLyrics may take over your Web browser, forcing it to visit certain sponsored Web pages repeatedly in an attempt to boost these websites' page ranking and traffic statistics.
  3. LiveLyrics may gather information about your browsing habits and Web browser settings, selling this information to other crooks that may use it for accomplishing various harmful actions.

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