If your homepage is set to and you experience pop-up windows from that domain after the installation of a freeware package, then you are infected with adware. The adware application associated with is created by developers who promote a fake Adobe Flash Player on the domain. Users should note that the legitimate Flash Player from Adobe Systems Inc. has an internal update manager that download and installs updates via encrypted channels to ensure your safety. The bogus Flash Player offered on should not be downloaded because it may contain riskware and rogue applications like Search Better, SoftwareBooster and A-Secure 2015 that could expose your system to cyber threats. Moreover, security analysts connect the domain with the SillyFDC!rem and Sality cyber threats. The adware may use a browser extension, a plugin and link an executable DLL file to your Internet client by writing a registry entry in Windows. Users may want to seek the help of a renowned anti-malware solution to remove the adware linked to effectively and avoid cyber threats.