The domain is associated with a browser hijacking application that may have arrived on your system as a browser add-on, plug-in, Browser Helper Object and extension. The browser hijacker linked to may travel in free software packages that include riskware like the Dynamic Pricer and the FastAgain PC Booster. Security analysts report that the browser hijacker is designed to be compatible with the most used browsers and perform redirects via The browser hijacker at hand connects to, which acts as an access point and then loads that is a redirect-gateway to more than twenty sites and a dozen advertisers. The browser hijacker may use information like your recently visited pages to determine what page to load and which promotions should be provided to your attention. The browser hijacker may load unprotected content on your screen and welcome you to install harmful software.

The browser hijacking application can run as an executable DLL to avoid detection and bypass Web filters like Google Safe Browsing and Mozilla Phishing Protection. Moreover, the browser hijacker might edit your DNS and proxy configuration to display messages from untrusted sources even if you are using a VPN service and extensions like Adblock and Ghostery. Computer users that experience problems with may not load video and online music content properly. Also, shopping at Amazon and similar sites may be hindered by pop-up windows that appear whenever you click on hyperlinks and open a new tab page. The browser hijacker can be annoying and make unwanted modifications to your OS, which could expose you to the Neutrino Exploit Kit. The browser hijacking application associated with and should be addressed with a reliable anti-spyware solution that can clean your PC.