Linux.GreedyAntd Description

If the name of a crypto-mining threat, the Linux.GreedyAntd is suggesting an antidote for geed, its creators have just the opposite in mind. The Linux.GreedyAntd is the result of a war between criminal gangs focused on mining cryptocurrency illicitly. The main intent of the Linux.GreedyAntd is to go after another crypto jacking malware present on the targeted computer and disable it. The Linux.GreedyAntd developed by a group named Pacha Group and started appearing in September 2018. The Linux.GreedyAntd is delivered via known vulnerabilities or a brute-force attack that affects PhpMyAdmin or WordPress. The group that the Pacha group is fighting is named the Rocke Group mainly, although not limited to only one group. Any crypto jacking present on an infected machine will be annihilated - the Linux.GreedyAntd also can detect and impair cloud security and misuse a vulnerability in Atlassian.

Although war gangs are not computer users business, the threats they create to use against each other can affect their machines, their finances and their privacy. Therefore, prevention is the best option when regarding computer infections.