is a scam website that employs scare tactics in order to trick unsuspecting users into downloading and installing a promoted app. This is an extremely popular scheme that is being proliferated by countless pages that operate in a virtually identical manner.

When users land on the site, they will be presented with a pop-up stating that an adware threat has been detected on their computers or devices. Of course, this is completely false, as no website can actually perform malware scans. The deceptive site may also try to pretend as if the warning is coming from a legitimate source, such as Facebook. 

The scaremongering continues with more fake warnings. Users may be told that by not dealing with the non-existent threat, they risk incurring massive damage to their device. Conveniently, the page will offer them to download an app that is perfect for resolving the presented issue. In nearly all cases, the promoted app is nothing more than a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that will run an intrusive advertising campaign or take over the user's Web browser, if installed. 


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