Lessearch.net Description

ScreenshotThere have been reports of numerous computer users finding that their web browsers are directing them to Lessearch.net and a host of other fake search engines. Some of these include websites like searchbif, supersearch, lightssearch, and askthecrew, with the majority of these fake search engines using domains ending with .net. For the most part, Lessearch.net and its many clones are not able to attack a computer system in themselves. However, the browser hijacker that forces computer systems to visit these websites repeatedly, known as the Google Redirect Virus, will often be linked to malware that can cause grave harm to a computer system. This Trojan is a common component of malware attacks using various components, usually including a main rootkit component like ZeroAccess or TDSS.

How Criminals Force You to Visit Lessearch.net Repeatedly

The Google Redirect Virus will usually attack by changing the victim's search results when a legitimate search is carried out using one of the popular online search engines. Once this happens, this Trojan will change links in the top results so that they link to Lessearch.net. Newer computer users may think this is not an abnormal event and are more likely to try entering their search terms into Lessearch.net's fake search box. This leads to spam, which in turn allows criminals to profit from advertising. However, you can be sure that any advertisements received from a Lessearch.net search will not be in your computer's best interest. This is the second reason why websites like Lessearch.net are particularly dangerous: because they are a common starting point from where computers can become infected with multiple other malware threats.

Lessearch.net and the ZeroAccess Rootkit

As was mentioned before, the Google Redirect Virus that causes Lessearch.net redirects is closely linked to the ZeroAccess rootkit. This rootkit effectively hides all other malware on the victim's computer system, making removal of malware associated with Lessearch.net nearly impossible unless steps are taken to remove ZeroAccess first. You can accomplish it utilizing a reliable anti-rootkit tool. ESG malware analysts point out that redirects to websites like Lessearch.net are not a normal occurrence, under any circumstances. If your security software indicates that nothing is wrong with your computer but redirects to Lessearch.net and other fake search engines continue, your computer may have become infected with the ZeroAccess rootkit, which protects the browser hijacker responsible for Lessearch.net redirects and hides it from detection.