LeifAccess Description

The LeifAccess application is a Trojan created to target Android devices. This Android Trojan is being propagated via bogus applications that are either hosted on the official Google Play Store or on third-party platforms that host Android applications. Malware experts suspect that the authors of the LeifAccess Trojan also may be using fraudulent downloads and malvertising campaigns to propagate their threatening creation.

Upon installing the LeifAccess application, this Trojan will request access to some of the device’s accessibility features, which are designed to help users with various disabilities to utilize their mobile devices as intended. However, authors of malware often take advantage of these features as they help them imitate real human interaction with the compromised device. The LeifAccess Trojan will download and rate various affiliated applications hosted on the Google Play Store. This boosts the downloads count on these shady applications artificially. Needless to say, all the reviews are flawless too, which may mislead countless users into downloading and installing a shady application promoted by the LeifAccess Trojan. Furthermore, the LeifAccess Trojan is able to create multiple user accounts that help it generate more downloads and reviews.

Apart from boosting the ratings and download counts of affiliated applications, the LeifAccess Trojan may also plant additional malware on the compromised device. This makes the LeifAccess threat far more threatening. In addition to this, the LeifAccess Trojan is likely to spam its users with bogus error notifications that, once clicked on, will redirect the user to a site that hosts a dubious optimization application.

To protect your Android device from threats like the LeifAccess Trojan, make sure to download and install a genuine anti-virus solution compatible with your OS.