'Ledger Live Update' Scam

'Ledger Live Update' Scam Description

The 'Ledger Live Update' scam tries to lure users into unknowingly downloading a malware threat under the fake premise that it is a mandatory update for the legitimate Ledger Live application. The misleading site associated with this tactic is purposefully designed to closely imitate the official ledger.com page. On it, the fraudsters make several false claims presented as urgent warnings. The goal is to convince users to download and install what is presented as a mandatory update.

If users believe the claims of the deceptive website, they would be allowing a malware threat to be installed on their computers or devices. Through the scheme, the hackers could be distributing destructive ransomware threats that will encrypt the data of their victims, crypto-miners designed to hijacker the device's hardware resources, or threatening Trojans and RATs that can be instructed to maintain backdoor access or perform numerous other intrusive activities.

The unsafe page associated with this attack campaign is most likely being promoted via other compromised websites causing unwanted and forced redirects to it. Users should be careful when encountering such seemingly urgent warnings or alerts found on randomly encountered pages.