Threat Database Adware Leadingsystem


LeadingSystem is a piece of adware that also features some browser hijacking traits. The application is abundant with pop-up advertisements that start bombarding your desktop from the outset. In addition, the LeadingSystem application will modify your default search engine and home page secretly. The new search engine aims to show sponsored links to place them on top of the most popular results of your search queries. The thing is, you never know the true nature of those sponsored links.

LeadingSystem’s developers get paid for promoting sponsored links, and there's nothing inherently wrong or illegal in doing so. However, there is a conventional way to install adware programs on your PC at your discretion. When a piece such as LeadingSystem shows up on your machine and you have no idea how it established itself there, you have every reason to raise a concern about the services it offers and the links it prompts you to open.

The links promoted by LeadingSystem can be a tad annoying and intrusive at times. Some of them may redirect you to websites you’ve never seen before. Some may contain contact forms asking you to provide personal details. Others may have a corrupted code embedded within. As a result, you could potentially run into all sorts of trouble with a single click of the mouse.

LeadingSystem’s hijacking capabilities may allow it to keep track of your browsing history and collect data it should not be collecting at all. It often lands on PCs as a drive-by download, i.e., a part of a software bundle containing the main program and a few less popular add-ons. To avoid installing potentially unwanted applications such as LeadingSystem and other similar applications, always pay attention to what you will get when installing a software bundle. To do so, go for a custom-type installation rather than a full one, handpick the software components you wish to install and ignore the ones that do not pique your interest. There's no better way to steer clear of potentially unwanted applications.

Still, if you already have LeadingSystem up and running on your PC, you can get rid of it using a robust anti-malware solution. You also can delete it manually if you have the skills and patience to deal with such persistent applications.


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