LeadingModuleSearch Description

The LeadingModuleSearch is an application that is designed to target Mac computers. This shady tool seems to be spread with the help of a fake Flash Player. If the users attempt to install the Flash Player in question, they will be advised to use the 'Express' installation process. However, if you select the 'Express' installation, you may agree to install other dodgy applications like the LeadingModuleSearch tool unknowingly. Many users fail to pay attention to what they agree to during the installation process of software and come to regret it later.

The LeadingModuleSearch tool is adware, which will not hesitate to inject countless advertisements in your browser every time you try to browse the Web. Users who have adware installed on their computers report a significant increase in the number of advertisements they view when visiting their favorite sites. The advertisements may reduce your browsing quality, as they may appear on top of important content or crucial parts of the page, such as menus. The numerous hyperlinks in text, moving banners, flashing alerts, and pop-up windows are likely to become very irritating to most users quickly, as they may distract them from the content they are trying to view.

The advertisements promoted by the LeadingModuleSearch application are not to be trusted – they may push low-quality products and fake services. This is why it is best to ignore any advertisements linked to the activity of the LeadingModuleSearch tool. This application falls in the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category, as it will meddle with your Web browser's settings and alter your default new tab page, replacing it with and affiliated website to boost its traffic. This is shady behavior, and any application that displays it should be removed from your computer sooner rather than later. Not to mention that the new default tab page contains a low-quality search engine that is not likely to satisfy your needs.

If the LeadingModuleSearch application is installed on Mac, you should look into removing it with the aid of a reputable anti-malware utility.