L'attention de l'utilisateur! Ransomware

L'attention de l'utilisateur! Ransomware Description

ScreenshotThe 'L'attention de l'utilisateur! Operations sur les activites ilegales ont ete detectes sur votre ordinateur.' fake message is part of a ransomware campaign designed to scare inexperienced computer users into paying a certain ransom by holding their computer hostage. The 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message is the latest version of a WinLocker that is designed to target specific countries in the European Union. The 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message is the version of this WinLocker that targets French speakers, specifically people in France. This WinLocker is thought to originate from Ukraine, due to some clues in its code and because of the payment procedures associated with it. There was created at least two prior editions of the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message, both of which contained a large number of spelling and grammatical errors that seem to have been corrected in this latest version. According to ESG security researchers, versions of the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message exist in Spanish, English, German, Dutch, and Italian. They all consist of a fake message from the main police agency of the targeted country claiming that the victim's computer was involved in illegal activity and that a certain fine (most of the time consisting of one hundred Euros) must be paid in order to prevent data loss. ESG security researchers strongly recommend ignoring the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message. It is easy to bypass this message by simply starting up Windows in Safe Mode. Once you gain access to your operating system, use a reliable anti-malware program to remove the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message from your system.

How the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' Fake Message Scam Works

Messages like the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message are known as winlockers because they are designed to lock Windows, blocking you out from your own computer. They essentially take your computer hostage and do not allow you to gain access to your Desktop until you pay the fine that is specified in the message. Victims will usually become infected from visiting unsafe websites or opening suspicious email attachments. Although the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message claims that the infected computer's hard drive will be wiped clean unless the specified fine is paid, ESG security researchers assure you that there is no need to worry. Besides blocking your computer and displaying its fake message, the 'L'attention de l'utilisateur!' fake message has absolutely no way of contacting law enforcement, transmitting your information to a third party or deleting your files.