Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a dubious website that users will rarely open intentionally. It is far more likely that they were taken there due to forced redirects caused by previously visited pages or as part of the activity of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking on their computers or devices.

The goal of, and the myriad of websites virtually identical to it, is to generate monetary gains for its creators. It can achieve this in two different ways. First, users may be shown dubious content and advertisements. The second scheme involves displaying misleading alerts or warning messages that all try to convince the unsuspecting user to click the 'Allow' button. The exact text of the messages could vary with some examples being:

'Type Allow to verify that you are not a robot'

'Click Allow to watch the video'

If the users follow the instructions, they would be subscribed to that site's push notification services unknowingly. Afterward, the page can abuse these permissions to run an intrusive advertising campaign. The advertisements should be approached with caution, as they may employ similarly deceptive tactics to cause further redirects to suspicious third-party websites.


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