Latestextended Description

LatestExtended is another dubious program that is targeting Mac users. Exactly like most other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), LatestExtended also is massively reliant on questionable techniques, such as bundling or fake installers to spread itself. Indeed, the application attempts to hide its installation from the user until it is already fully deployed on the Mac. At that point, LatestExtended will activate its intrusive programming and impact the user experience on the device severely.

First, the application will try to generate monetary gains for its operators by delivering unwanted advertisements. The advertisements may be injected into unrelated websites viewed by the users. Furthermore, these advertisements could display various clickbait messages to lure users into clicking on them. Doing so may trigger forced redirects to suspicious or outright unsafe websites.

The other major function of LatestExtended involves taking over the user's Web browser. Applications with such functionality are classified as browser hijackers and are typically tasked with generating artificial traffic towards a promoted website. The settings more commonly affected by browser hijackers are the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine.

Finally, users should be aware that having a PUP present on their Macs could mean that their browsing activities are being tracked. Applications of this type are known for transmitting various information to remote servers under the control of their operators.